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Luan & Lulanie's Parties Read more »

Luan & Lulanie’s Parties

Kiddies parties…who doesn’t love the sugar, the cake, and the excitement not to mention the friends who come to join in the celebrations…This was a lovely double whammy party to celebrate two siblings’ 5th & 3rd birthdays (clever parents) and themed as  Star Wars &…

Hansen Family Read more »

Hansen Family

The wonderful, crazy and happy Hansen family – we had a lot of fun, there was some messy eating, wild playing, chalk colouring and even some piano playing in this session… Enjoy! LS.

Luca Newborn Lifestyle Session Read more »

Luca Newborn Lifestyle Session

I am upping my multitasking game. The vibrant & busy Van Zyl family’s session is going up on the blog today – there was a lot of craziness happening in this one, with the excitement of a new baby brother proving to be too much…

Klingenberg Family Read more »

Klingenberg Family

Man I would love to take some time to right about this lovely family session (there is a bit of a story actually) but I am so swamped, that I can barely take time to blink. Apparently my work pace is not fast enough to…

Weston Family Read more »

Weston Family

Man oh man the school holiday can’t come fast enough…I am in desperate need of some space & fresh air; this first term has certainly stretched and stressed me. Woke up this morning with a fierce determination to get stuff done this week. Knowing full…

Gabrielle's Cake Smash Read more »

Gabrielle’s Cake Smash

Doing a blog update about a cake smash is not the best way to motivate yourself if you are trying to keep your sweet tooth in tow, but it has to be done and I am taking it as an exercise in restraint. Mind over…

Paul Family Read more »

Paul Family

And we’re done with November edits! Can I get an Hallelujah!?! That’s a real weight lifted off my shoulders this morning as I can tick off the last of my November sessions and move on to the next batch. Just in time before the start…

Searle Family Read more »

Searle Family

Working up a storm in one of the few days this year where I felt I was actually moving forward. Snail pace is still movement, I keep telling myself, so eventually I should get through the mountain that is my editing to-do list. I am…

Ballet Friends Read more »

Ballet Friends

Getting a much better head start on this Monday than I did last week this time…Almost seem  as if everything is back to normal, and settling nicely, which means I should have my work life back to where I need it to be. I am…

Smit Family Read more »

Smit Family

Another crazy week gone by. If this is the tempo whereby 2017 will go, I had better up my game, because it ain’t pretty. Friday afternoon and I literally just collapsed onto the couch, taking the golden opportunity while half the kids are sleeping and…

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