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Luan & Lulanie's Parties Read more »

Luan & Lulanie’s Parties

Kiddies parties…who doesn’t love the sugar, the cake, and the excitement not to mention the friends who come to join in the celebrations…This was a lovely double whammy party to celebrate two siblings’ 5th & 3rd birthdays (clever parents) and themed as  Star Wars &…

Hansen Family Read more »

Hansen Family

The wonderful, crazy and happy Hansen family – we had a lot of fun, there was some messy eating, wild playing, chalk colouring and even some piano playing in this session… Enjoy! LS.

Elda's Baby Bump Read more »

Elda’s Baby Bump

This blog update is standing between me and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Sleeves up. Glasses on. Music pumping. Let’s go! What a lovely session we had with this bunch…Elda braved the water on a particularly cold December morning, and while I could stay…

Gabrielle's Cake Smash Read more »

Gabrielle’s Cake Smash

Doing a blog update about a cake smash is not the best way to motivate yourself if you are trying to keep your sweet tooth in tow, but it has to be done and I am taking it as an exercise in restraint. Mind over…

Gravells & Oosthuizens Read more »

Gravells & Oosthuizens

When you have stuff to do but really just want to get back into bed and catch up on that 7 years’ of sleep you are behind on…Not sure if this rainy weather is helping or harming my work ethic at this stage, but trying…

Badenhorst Family Read more »

Badenhorst Family

Nothing stumps your editing progress like a day without power. The electrical kind. While I know it’s probably not too great to spend your weekends working, I do like to get a bit of work done on Sundays, somehow makes me feel like I have…

Prinsloo Siblings Read more »

Prinsloo Siblings

I love working with a specific goal in mind. Especially when the brief is as lovely as this one was. The client request was individual portraits of their three children, in a simple, no prop setup. I loved the idea and when you get to…

Curle Family Read more »

Curle Family

So this year got off to a busy, chaotic, somewhat shaky start. At least in our corner. Apart from hitting the ground running after a pretty good holiday break, I managed to injure myself on duty this week, resulting in major back discomfort (quite annoying…

Chrisna & Evah Read more »

Chrisna & Evah

Ok, I’m on a roll…I’m going to be swimming in my own sweat in a while if this madness goes on, but at least the work is getting done…another beautiful session I did this month, with mom Chrisna & daughter Evah. They chose navy blue…

Pretorius Family Read more »

Pretorius Family

Life’s been running at full speed lately, and as I am updating my blog with sneak previews, it feels as if this happened weeks ago, yet this was a mere two weeks ago. Long in photog terms I guess, but nonetheless, I am determined to…

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