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Baby SG

Baby SG

It’s a rare occasion when I have a weekend morning to myself – in between jobs and other stuff, I am actually able to spend some productive time in the office. I am making full use of it, and realised with a shock that I have totally missed some of my blog post that was supposed to be up way sooner than now, but luckily I can get them onto the site today. This was a fun one, and true to 2 year olds, somewhat chaotic and disorganised. Meeting your new baby brother can be confusing and wonderful at the same time, and a man needs to work through those emotions. Sometimes you just need to lie on your brother, sometimes you need to poke him and sometimes you just have to show disinterest. Such is life. Luckily we had some ice-cream and what not to get a certain degree of cooperation, and for the rest we just went with the flow.

Always great to photograph this family – they are no-nonsense and easy going, my favourite kind of client!