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Talanda Family

Talanda Family

Long weekends and public holidays are great, but getting back on the straight and narrow after such days of lounging about is always tough. We’re heading into mid May and finally a full week. Sometimes one needs the comfort of a regular routine to just refocus your mind and efforts. I am working on a bunch of edits, blog posts, previews and what not, and this Monday is turning out to be somewhat productive. Feels good. I have sidestepped my own workflow processes and been juggling edits around a bit, so it feels less like I am failing at catching up. So today it’s the Talanda family on the blog. What a lovely, vibrant family to photograph. There were a lot of laughs and one real cute miss, who certainly enjoyed the outing.

Enjoy this session – it was still in the midst of summer, and already makes me wish for hot & sunny days…