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Weston Family

Weston Family

Man oh man the school holiday can’t come fast enough…I am in desperate need of some space & fresh air; this first term has certainly stretched and stressed me. Woke up this morning with a fierce determination to get stuff done this week. Knowing full well I won’t get to everything I would LIKE to get done, I have decided to attack all items on my to-do list with as much energy and focus as humanly possible. So let’s see how it goes…

Doing a quick blog update first before moving onto January sessions, the Westons are up first this morning. Always a treat to photograph them, this session was just special and spectacular. Although the offspring weren’t 100% cooperative, I just love how the family energy came through on almost every single image. Even amidst the chaos and kids crying and moaning, one could see that this bunch really love one another. Beautiful mom just pulled everything together and makes for this blonde vision amidst her clan of merry and some not-so-merry men. Real life right here!

Take some time and browse through this session, the greenery which served as backdrop was pretty awesome too – full blown summer right there…

Thank you Westons for trusting me your images once again, I enjoyed it immensely.