Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat does a studio shoot entail?

AWhen you book for a studio shoot, no matter what kind (i.e. maternity, newborn, toddler, family, couple) I usually set aside 1-2 hours to take your photographs. I find that it’s better to be relaxed and not pressed for time – for the photographer & subjects – as this means a better looking end result.
Once you arrive, I briefly discuss what you want to achieve from the shoot. This gives me an idea what you feel comfortable with and what to concentrate on. We then proceed with the fun part – that is, getting the shots. Depending on the type of shoot, this means playing around with different props, poses and outfits. Depending on the ages of the subjects it could also require a time-out for a feed, a temper tantrum or to just recollect and calm everyone down.
Once I have captured the shots (or you have had enough) your job ends and mine starts. From here I will edit the photos and prepare the images for printing, after which you can collect it from the studio.

QHow long before hand should I book for a shoot?

AIt really depends on your schedule and what you want to book for. Weekend shoots are very popular, so it’s always best to phone me a month or so in advance to enquire on the availability of a preferred date or time.

Maternity: Maternity shoots are best done between 30 – 35 weeks. This is the time that most women look amazing with their tummies, and it’s also the best time for mommy-to-be to move around for the different type of shots. For those wanting semi-nude shots this is also the best time as most moms feel very self-conscious about their bodies toward the end of the pregnancy. If you leave the maternity shoot too late (whether you are opting for natural birth or caesarean), you could run the risk that baby may make his/her appearance before you have captured that tummy on film!
New Born: Newborn shoots works best between 3 – 6 weeks. At this age babies still look fresh and wrinkly, but are not so sensitive to new environments, sounds and smells. I usually recommend that, if you know the date your baby will be born, to book for a shoot beforehand – a month or so before your due date – so that you don’t have to worry about that during the first few weeks when you are adjusting to the new routine of the little one.

QWhat services do you offer?

AMy studio services includes the following:

Furthermore I am available for events, corporate or private, on a freelance basis and will meet with you to discuss your specific requirements. I unfortunately, do not do wedding photography at this stage.

QWhat does it cost & what is included?

AI offer a standard package for all my studio shoots, which includes the studio time, post-editing of images and final product a CD. Please email or phone me for the current rates. Should you require a location shoot, I charge an additional travel cost based on where you live or need the photos taken.
For headshots, events, corporate, or other photographic services I will prepare an individual quotation for you based on the requirements.

QWhat should I wear?

ASolids solids solids! I highly recommend that when you do a shoot, especially in studio, that you wear solid colours. It makes for really striking images and different patterns tend to take the focus away from the subjects, which are usually tummies, babies or faces. Families should try to dress in similar colours (i.e. all white shirts) or even contrasting colours (i.e. black & white shirts, or red & white shirts). Jeans/khakis are usually the most comfortable pants to wear, as I require my subjects to more often than not take their shoes off and lie or sit on the floor.

The most important thing however is to wear what you feel comfortable in. If you want to be photographed in your killer heels or favourite shirt, no problem. I do prefer that you not wear watches or too much bling, especially if photographing newborns or tummies, as this tends to spoil the simplicity of the shots.

QWhat should I bring for my newborn shoot?

AI prefer that newborns are not overdressed newborns, as the aim of this type of shoot is to capture the newborn in his/her essence, which by the very nature implies being naked. While most new parents can’t wait to dress their babies in the adorable outfits, I find that their naked baby bodies just works so well on camera, I usually ask parents to only bring 2 outfits at most for their baby.

To make the photos more personal, I also recommend that parents bring with any special toy, blanket or prop they wish to use. Although I have a number of setups I use during a shoot, it always helps if parents also bring items special to them. Furthermore, enough nappies & wipes for any unforeseen accidents.

I always warm the studio for newborns, as they still struggle to regulate their own body temperature, so parents should preferably dress in layers as it can become a bit hot for some. It is always good if baby is fed and slept before the shoot, as they tend to be calmer for longer, but I have done shoots where baby slept through the entire shoot! Also don’t worry if you need to feed baby, we simply take a break and carry on when you are done. A baby will react if the parents are stressed or anxious, so I ask that parents try their best to relax and enjoy. If we don’t get a specific shot, then we don’t. I do not harass babies, and if he/she doesn’t like it we try something else.