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Good night, sleep tight…

So while September was one of the busiest months so far for the Loveshots studio, it has also provided me with the greatest variety of jobs. Not only did I manage to do a number of studio shoots, the briefs also included photographing the opening of a science laboratory at a rural school, doing my first  food photography shoot for a local coffee shop (all of which I’ll probably blog about at a later stage) and then of course doing a spread for two local Piet Retief guest houses.

In practising my new profession, I am open to accepting any opportunity for photography that comes my way. I have realised that, while I might have 6 years of corporate work experience behind my name, I am, in all honesty, an entry level employee again. And that means doing all kinds of jobs. Which of course, I love. This included the challenge of making a B&B bedroom look so good that you want to book yourself in for a night.

Now, how difficult can it be, I heard myself ask me…well, turns out it’s not as easy as it looks. Trying to create an inviting look kept me busy for most of a windy Monday morning, and I was thoroughly tired after 3 hours, feeling like taking a nap on one of the beds…but I am very pleased with the results and so excited to hopefully see these pics up on the web of this establishment in the near future.

Once again, I was reminded that, although anyone with a functional index finger and a steady hand can take a photo, it takes practise, experience, common sense and a bit of a vision to really create an image…all of which I am hoping to become an expert in during the coming months…so bring on the shoots – I am ready for anything!