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Baby Caleb

Baby Caleb

Man, long weekends are hard to say goodbye to. Just as you are ready to start unwinding, it’s time to snap back to real life. So cruel. We got to spend some time with basically all our closest family members, and did a bit of sightseeing, travelling, and of course eating & drinking everything that’s bad for your hips, but now it’s back to reality. At full speed. All the way to Spring and the next holiday, which is like, next month?!?

Just to get me warmed up again, I’m doing some blog updates and tying up some loose ends. Starting with baby Caleb’s newborn session in his beautifully decorated nautical nursery room. His beautiful older sister almost stole the show, but once he calmed down and felt nourished, he claimed his rightful spot as the center of attention. It took quite a bit of tap dancing in the room with 3 adults, one dancing two year old and a baby who wanted to be close to mommy, but we managed, and actually had a lot of fun.

Melody was very happy sitting in the cot, playing with Caleb’s big teddy bear, and ever so often she appeared for a photo. She is beautiful, with a very expressive face…she and Dad Niko has a special bond, which is evident in the moments in between posing and organised chaos.

Although we did this shoot late afternoon, which is notoriously bad for a newborn baby, it ended up being peaceful and relaxed, and a great way to kick start the new work term.