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Baby Reinhard

Baby Reinhard

For the first time this year, I think, I had an off weekend. It was planned and super awesome. My year has been exceptionally busy, and of course I am thankful that I have had so many opportunities to keep myself busy and improve, expand and explore my business; but I really felt a strong need, physically & mentally to just take a break. It was much needed. Aside from spending quality time with good friends and my partner-in-crime, I got to sleep in. Like, really really in. Like, until ten in the morning. I haven’t done that since before my first child was born. Which is basically 7 years ago. And after soaking in that glorious moment, I did pretty much nothing for most of the weekend. I tinkered around the house, did a bit of planning, but overall I was just lounging around at home. But today, after lunch, I started feeling the urge to work again, and ended up in front of my computer, writing, as I am now, updating my blog. I thought, I best use my recharged self to do something productive as well, so here is baby Reinhard’s beautiful, relaxed and intimate newborn session I did at his home last month.

I really enjoyed this one, partly because he was such a calm baby, but mostly because the setting was lovely and the parents were pretty laid-back as well. It makes for the best photos. White & babies just go together so well, and this was no different. The light spilling in from the beautiful window provided soft and romantic mood, and this good looking little boy did the rest. What a gorgeous family!

Enjoy the selection!