Completed Session

Curle Family

Curle Family

So this year got off to a busy, chaotic, somewhat shaky start. At least in our corner. Apart from hitting the ground running after a pretty good holiday break, I managed to injure myself on duty this week, resulting in major back discomfort (quite annoying if a big part of your job is sitting, which was painful to say the least), our youngest picked up a pre-school bug (like they always do after a break away from school) and now my better halve is lying in bed with severe man-flu (well I hope it’s man-flu and nothing more serious). Nice one 2017, keeping me on my toes I see…

But the important thing is I survived, and as families of our life stage do, we are coping in whatever way is necessary. At least everyone is sleeping at the moment and I am utilising the last precious minutes of my Sunday night catching up on admin and the first blog post for the year. Yeah! Love being productive on Sunday nights. Makes me feel ready and motivated for Monday.

The Curle Family expanded early in November of last year, and this session was to done in the middle of the same month. It was hectic to say the least with a middle child who was flu-ish (and possibly suffering from some jealousy of not being the cutest family member at that stage) and an older sister who couldn’t decide whether she wanted to watch TV or hold her new brother. But, we managed, and thankfully to some pretty good genes this family session came out lovely.

At the end of the day, even the hectic days captured are better than not capturing it at all.

I truly hope & pray that work week nr 2 will be somewhat more stable and productive for me…