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Danné, Anri, Beth & Alisha’s Valentine’s Ball

Danné, Anri, Beth & Alisha's Valentine's Ball

If you work for yourself, had waaaaaay too many out-of-office days and travelling done in the last month, then of course you are going to be working on the last public holiday for the foreseeable future! While having a Monday “off” is great, I think this day calls for a bit sanity to return to the routine. So it’s a blog posting, admin sorting and editing kind of day awaiting me. But it’s good and means progress is being made.

This session dates back to the month of Love, to the time when you still get excited about the prospect of possibly being wooed on a day filled with roses, chocolates and a lot of butterflies in the stomach (that is, if you are young and carefree). Yes, it’s not my favourite time of the year, but I do love seeing the faces of beautiful young people getting excited about dressing up and having a ball. These lovely four ladies each looked so gorgeous and distinctly different in their chosen outfits, that it was a lot of fun photographing them. The weather kept us on our toes and until the last minute it was touch and go on whether it would be a studio session or outdoors, but thankfully we were able to use my chosen location. The green container provided a wonderfully vibrant background, and with red, black & nude as the colour of their garments, it was a good match.

We managed to do a lovely set on the depot yard, and then moved on to a more traditional garden session before ending it off in the street – with thunder clouds looming in the background. It was vibrant and lovely and overall just good fun.

Enjoy – they looked stunning!