Printing your Memories

The beauty of a photograph lies not only in the image itself, but also in the quality & format of the printed image. With today’s focus on the digital format many people never print any of their photos but only view them on the multitude of digital devices available today. While this may be great for sharing with families & friends, I believe beautiful images belong on walls and coffee tables and therefore I also offer printing services via a third party photographic printing laboratory.

I collect prints once every month, therefore no additional courier charges apply should you order prints through the Loveshots studio. However, should you require prints urgently, these can be couriered to the studio at an additional cost. Printing services offered include the following:

Images not taken by the Loveshots studio can also be printed through the studio – as long as the resolution is good enough. Post-editing services are also available through the studio – contact me to discuss the options.