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Hansen Family Read more »

Hansen Family

The wonderful, crazy and happy Hansen family – we had a lot of fun, there was some messy eating, wild playing, chalk colouring and even some piano playing in this session… Enjoy! LS.

Baby Liz Read more »

Baby Liz

The chaos has subsided in my household and I can finally get some quiet, productive time in front of my screen…I am going to use this time for good and get some of my latest sessions onto the blog. There’s not really much to say…

Luca Newborn Lifestyle Session Read more »

Luca Newborn Lifestyle Session

I am upping my multitasking game. The vibrant & busy Van Zyl family’s session is going up on the blog today – there was a lot of craziness happening in this one, with the excitement of a new baby brother proving to be too much…

Baby SG Read more »

Baby SG

It’s a rare occasion when I have a weekend morning to myself – in between jobs and other stuff, I am actually able to spend some productive time in the office. I am making full use of it, and realised with a shock that I…

Baby Reinhard Read more »

Baby Reinhard

For the first time this year, I think, I had an off weekend. It was planned and super awesome. My year has been exceptionally busy, and of course I am thankful that I have had so many opportunities to keep myself busy and improve, expand…

Baby Reinhard Read more »

Baby Reinhard

Yesterday I met little Reinhard. Three weeks old, and one of the calmest newborns I’ve photographed. We did almost the entire session in his beautifully decorated baby room with a soft grey & white colour theme. He was happy to be handled and apart from…

Baby Caleb Read more »

Baby Caleb

Man, long weekends are hard to say goodbye to. Just as you are ready to start unwinding, it’s time to snap back to real life. So cruel. We got to spend some time with basically all our closest family members, and did a bit of…