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Danné, Anri, Beth & Alisha's Valentine's Ball Read more »

Danné, Anri, Beth & Alisha’s Valentine’s Ball

If you work for yourself, had waaaaaay too many out-of-office days and travelling done in the last month, then of course you are going to be working on the last public holiday for the foreseeable future! While having a Monday “off” is great, I think…

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The reality that is the end of 2016 is setting in. We have about 2 months to go before Christmas and by that time, this young woman will have completed her final exams and finished off her school career. She will be looking forward to…

Annemi Matric Farewell Read more »

Annemi Matric Farewell

So with awards & year-end celebration season basically upon us, it is, of course also time for Matric Farewells all across the country. A time to take a bit of breather between exams, and for these young adults to get a taste of grown up…