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Luan & Lulanie's Parties Read more »

Luan & Lulanie’s Parties

Kiddies parties…who doesn’t love the sugar, the cake, and the excitement not to mention the friends who come to join in the celebrations…This was a lovely double whammy party to celebrate two siblings’ 5th & 3rd birthdays (clever parents) and themed as  Star Wars &…

Hansen Family Read more »

Hansen Family

The wonderful, crazy and happy Hansen family – we had a lot of fun, there was some messy eating, wild playing, chalk colouring and even some piano playing in this session… Enjoy! LS.

Lané Cake Smash Read more »

Lané Cake Smash

Another busy week gone by and looking forward to taking a breather shortly, but just need to load this little cutie onto the blog before I can take some weekend. This was definitely one of my most favourite cake smash sessions to date. Not only…

Baby SG Read more »

Baby SG

It’s a rare occasion when I have a weekend morning to myself – in between jobs and other stuff, I am actually able to spend some productive time in the office. I am making full use of it, and realised with a shock that I…

Talanda Family Read more »

Talanda Family

Long weekends and public holidays are great, but getting back on the straight and narrow after such days of lounging about is always tough. We’re heading into mid May and finally a full week. Sometimes one needs the comfort of a regular routine to just…

Elda's Baby Bump Read more »

Elda’s Baby Bump

This blog update is standing between me and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Sleeves up. Glasses on. Music pumping. Let’s go! What a lovely session we had with this bunch…Elda braved the water on a particularly cold December morning, and while I could stay…

Gabrielle's Cake Smash Read more »

Gabrielle’s Cake Smash

Doing a blog update about a cake smash is not the best way to motivate yourself if you are trying to keep your sweet tooth in tow, but it has to be done and I am taking it as an exercise in restraint. Mind over…

Gravells & Oosthuizens Read more »

Gravells & Oosthuizens

When you have stuff to do but really just want to get back into bed and catch up on that 7 years’ of sleep you are behind on…Not sure if this rainy weather is helping or harming my work ethic at this stage, but trying…

Talanda Family Read more »

Talanda Family

SO it seems that the edge of Dineo has reached us. Although not a fully fledged cyclone or even tropical storm for us, we have had a wonderful morning of persistent rain, which is absolutely lifesaving after a few hot & humid days. And being…

Badenhorst Family Read more »

Badenhorst Family

Nothing stumps your editing progress like a day without power. The electrical kind. While I know it’s probably not too great to spend your weekends working, I do like to get a bit of work done on Sundays, somehow makes me feel like I have…

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